The Basic Processes of Artifice

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[NOT DONE] This starts with an overview of casting processes regardless of medium. After that it deals primarily with metalcasting. For ceramic castings, see " Ceramics and Crucibles," and for plaster castings, see " Plaster," both in the " Basic Materials of Artifice" section.

For typemetal casting, see The CircuitousRoot Typefoundry & Press

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Of Iron & Steel, Copper/Bronze/Brass, Aluminum, Silver, Tin, (and More?)

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Fitting & Mechanics

Often overlooked, this is the set of basic workshop skills upon which industrial civilization is based.

The use of hand tools, primarily with metal. The fitting of parts to each other in non-interchangeable precision manufacturing. [General literature.] [Layout.] Measurement, testing, and inspection using hand tools. [Mechanics.] Filing. Mechanical connections (riveting, threaded fastening). Apprentice's Projects.

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Soldering, Brazing, and Welding

[NOT DONE] In the general workshop. For brazing and welding at the blacksmith's forge, see " Metalsmithing."

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The use of machine tools for cutting and forming metals, wood, machinable plastics, and other materials: Cutting Tool Forming and Sharpening. Collets. Measuring, Inspecting, Testing (by machine). [Plain Turning.] [Ornamental turning.] [Straight-Line and Geometrical Engine Work.] Pantograph Engraving. The Metalworking Shaper. [Horizontal Milling.] [Milling: Horizontal; Vertical & Bridgeport; Non-Pantographic Die-Sinking.] Surface Grinding. [Sawing by Machine.]

Also, a survey of the machine tools at CircuitousRoot.

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Sheet Metal (and Conduit) Work

I don't do much sheet metal work, so there isn't much here. This Notebook does include, however, a small (3-inch wide) sheet metal brake for thin metal, intended to be fabricated on a 3-D printer.

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Electrical Work

[NOTHING YET] For now, all I have is a brief section on wiring (including cable lacing) practices in Electrical Components -> Wiring Notes

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