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From Meccano Instructions Book No. 1 (Liverpool: Meccano Limited, 1925.) This is from the http://www.meccanopedia.com/ website.

This work is in the public domain in Great Britain. Its initial term of copyright (50 years for a corporate anonymous work) expired at the end of 1975. On 1996-01-01 British copyright was extended retroactively to 70 years, but for this work its 70 year copyright would have expired the day before, at the end of 1995. In the US, this work is and has always been in the public domain. From 1925 through 1995 it was in the public domain due to failure to comply with US copyright formalities as then required. From 1996-01-01 it remained in the public domain as it was in the public domain in Great Britain on that day (when retroactive US copyright was imposed on all foreign works in copyright in their home countries on that day). The Meccanopedia website has imposed no new copyright on this image.

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