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I won't have much on Meccano here both because I don't actually have much and because this system is covered extensively elsewhere. Meccano has an active worldwide base of enthusiasts, and is probably the best-documented of all construction "toys" (the only better-documented systems might be those mechanical prototyping systems for which engineering drawings are published (e.g. FAC (see Wilbert Swinkels' site and the FAC-system site) or Contraptor). Even those systems lack the depth of application which can come only from over a century of use.

Although it is nearly unknown in the United States, it still available elsewhere in the world (in a much reduced repertoire from the successor company in France (, from Exacto in Argentina, who have been making it since 1956 (, and from various makers of reproduction parts. As can be see from a look around the web at the current work of Meccano enthusiasts, creative engineering with the system is still very much alive.

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