CircuitousRoot Drawing List

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This is my overall index of CircuitousRoot engineering drawings arranged by drawing/model number. But it excludes:

At one point I had thought to try to include digital models in this list, but it turns out that in making any project today there are so many digital models, they are at so many levels (parts, subassemblies, assemblies) and they are at times so transient that this was not practical. Models are works-in-progress. Even in this digital age drawings are more finished products (or should be!) which have a greater durability over time and which therefore merit sequence numbers.

The list itself is maintained as a LibreOffice / Apache OpenOffice spreadsheet (there are already too many drawings to do in lists embedded in this page). I'll present here the static PDF version of it rather than the .ods source. (There's no need for you to modify it; if you want such a list, make your own projects to put on your own list!)

The list refers, in turn, to various projects (q.v.). Here is a list of links to the projects. (But note that not all of these links will work for you. Some are just links to local material on my own computer. The CircuitousRoot website really is just a public subset of my own Notebooks.)

Old Projects:

- N2K Balloon Air Engine (a "square-cylinder" oscillating engine by the Metro Detroit Metalworking Club for the North American Model Engineering Exposition ("NAMES") in 2000). [TO DO: PUT BACK ONLINE; maybe redo in DXF.]

- Involute Gear Generation and Animated Explanation, in Varkon (2006): ../../drafting/varkon/projects/components/principles-gear/index.html" [CURRENTLY OFFLINE; rework and put back online.]

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