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In Drafting and Drawing

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These are short(ish) reading lists within the larger Partially Annotated Bibliography in drafting and drawing.

1. History of Drafting

There aren't many.

See also the following (which I haven't yet read):

Web-based sources to date (2014) are thin and unreliable, though typically written with a great air of authority.

2. Collections of Drawings

(The links here go directly to the collections, not to the annotated bibliography.)

NASA History Program Office, Technical Diagrams and Drawings

Digital images of NASA drawings from the Mercury to the Space Shuttle programs. These are technical illustrations, not engineering drawing. There are (as I write this in 2014) 49 images.

3. A Basic Set of Books for Practical Drafting

4. On the Philosophy of Drawing

The following books have the potential to make one think differently about drawing lines. There are others, of course - paring this list down to so few was difficult - but these are all in one way or another worth remarking upon. The books in this section are on drawing in general, not necessarily engineering drawing or technical illustration specifically.

The Adams and ICS volumes are simply very good representatives of a category; any other really good drafting textbook from about 1890 to 1940 would do. The rest are unique.

5. Lettering

Lettering has been nearly eliminated from modern technical drawing - mono-stroke gothic upright and, sometimes, inclined lettering is all that is accepted. (And the knowledge of lettering in our society is at such a low ebb that when amateurs wish to become more elaborate they don't even think about doing lettering - the ask for type without realizing that type and lettering are different things.) It was not always so; a century ago, the lettering on technical drawings could be quite beautiful.

[TO DO. Also trace origins of single-stroke modern gothic with strokes specified to Reinhardt (1895); acknowledgment of this mis-cited in Giesecke 4ed p. 66.]

6. Physical Drafting and Drawing Tools

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