Examples of Engineering Drawings & Models

Hosted on CircuitousRoot and Elsewhere

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1. What's Here?

This is an index into engineering drawings and models, old and new, made, reprinted by or simply hosted on CircuitousRoot. It excludes examples contained in reprinted books.

It also has a set of links to external collections of engineering drawings, with (of course) an emphasis on older material.

2. Drawings & Models at CircuitousRoot

Note: Here "original" means old drawings by the manufacturer (usually no later than the mid 20th century), not drawings that I've done. "New" indicates newly made or designed parts (21st century), or newly done drawings re-doing old parts or re-presenting old data. Sometimes I'll include technical illustrations (vs. engineering drawings) here, but more often I won't.

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3. Drawings & Models Elsewhere

Obviously I can't index every engineering drawing on the net or in print, and in any case I wouldn't want to. Here, then, are links to various collections of engineering drawings (and perhaps digital models) that I have found either interesting or useful. Naturally, it is strongly biased towards my own interests: old machinery of various kinds. Stuff that's cast iron, and heavy, and covered in oil.

Sadly, we live in an age where old engineering drawings are being made into decoupage lampshades.

{Baynes & Pugh 1981} Baynes, Ken and Francis Pugh. The Art of the Engineer. Woodstock, NY: The Overlook Press, 1981. Guildford, UK: Lutterworth Press, 1981.

Copyright is 1981 by Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd. This is a very nice "coffee table book" on (mostly older) engineering drawings.

NASA History Program Office, Technical Diagrams and Drawings

Digital images of NASA drawings from the Mercury to the Space Shuttle programs. These are technical illustrations, not engineering drawing. There are (as I write this in 2014) 49 images. http://history.nasa.gov/diagrams/diagrams.htm

Locomotives/Railway, Union Pacific Historical Society:

The Union Pacific Historical Society sells DVDs of scanned original engineering drawings (Erecting and Detail drawings) for several classes of Union Pacific steam locomotives. http://shop.uphs.org/

Locomotives/Railway, Other

A surprising number of locomotive and related railroad drawings have survived; it seems that trains are popular :-) However, there are fewer online than one might wish. For the most part you must either visit the collection or purchase physical copies. Search online for the collections at the California State Railway Museum, The (British) National Railway Museum, the Baldwin Locomotive Works records at Southern Methodist University (via the Univ. of Texas' Texas Archival Resources Online) and the Baldwin-Hamilton company records at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (the latter contains a good list of the many institutions which hold some Baldwin records of various kinds). There are other collections and sources as well.

Naval Architecture, National Park Service

NPS Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Drawings: http://www.nps.gov/safr/history/culture/plans.htm

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