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O. C. Kraehmer & Sons

Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware and Cut Glass. O. C. Kraehmer ran a retail jewelry and musical instrument business in Galena, IL. This catalog is pretty clearly just a wholesaler's catalog with the Kraehmer name on the cover, but I have not yet been able to determine the firm of wholesalers. It was printed by The Faithorn Company, Chicago (attested from other sources as printers, not jewelry wholesalers), and is not a paragon of the printer's art.

Students of mathematics will no doubt take delight in the ten-sided "Octagon" watch advertised on p. 15.

This catalog is undated, but probably dates from the late (19) 'teens. The earliest item I have been able to date in it is an Illinois Watch Company "Sangamo Special." This line of watches was introduced in 1913. [TO DO: track down date of introduction of Illinois "Autocrat"; was it 1916?] The catalog also includes Deuber-Hampden watches; the D-H factory was sold to the Soviet Union in 1928. But the presence of only a single gents' bracelet watch (in gunmetal) suggests a date not much later than the First World War.

The icon above left links to a presentation of this catalog at The Internet Archive, where it may be read online conveniently. It was scanned at 1200dpi and converted to JPEG format images for presentation. Since even as JPEGs in a PDF the 1200 dpi version is very large (920 Megabytes), I also prepared a version digitally scaled down to 600dpi (299 Megabytes, which is not small but may be more manageable). Both versions may be dowloaded from the Internet Archive presentation. Addisionally, here is a local copy of the 1200dpi PDF: kraehmer-jewelry-catalogue-1200rgbjpg.pdf Here is a local copy of the 600dpi PDF: kraehmer-jewelry-catalogue-0600rgbjpg.pdf

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