'Monophoto' Model 400/31

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Most of what little I know about the 'Monophoto' Model 400 (aka Model 400/31) comes from a brochure for its successor, the "'Monophoto' 400/8 Filmsetter" and from a third-party booklet, The Monotype: How it Works [etc.] (reprinted at: CircuitousRoot Typefoundry and Press -> Composing Typecasters -> General Monotype Literature -> The Monotype[:] How it Works [etc.] ) This booklet was published in 1957, which gives a date by which the 'Monophoto' must have been introduced.

The Model 400/31 employed a 31-channel paper tape (that is, a wide paper tape with 31 punch positions). I think that this tape is compatible with the traditional Monotype keyboard (the booklet The Monotype[:] How it Works [etc.] says that "The 'Monophoto' machine is actuated by the perforated paper ribbon prepared on the Monotype Keyboard." (p. 11)).

It had a matrix case which was visually very similar to a traditional Monotype composition matrix case, holding in this case 400 interchangeable matrices (each still 0.2 inches square) with, I presume, photographic images of a type on each.

The set system was incompatible with the hot metal Monotype system, using instead a system "based on 96 units to the quad (point or Didot)."

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(above) A Monotype 'Monophoto' 400 (aka "400/31").

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(above) A Monotype 'Monophoto' 400 series matrix case.

The two images above are from the brochure: "'Monophoto' 400/8 Filmsetter".

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