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The Monotype 'Monophoto' Model 400/8 was the successor to the 'Monophoto' Model 400, known also as the 400/31. I presume that the numeric suffixes refer to the tape size of the machine. The 400/31 used a 31 "channel" (31 punch position) tape, while the 400/8 used what a programmer would recognize as a tape for 8-bit processing (having 7 punch positions, leaving an unspecified 8th bit for parity in processing). The 400/8 could also, its advertising says, handle 6 "level" (6 punch position) Teletypesetter-compatible tape. It could also read "other narrow tape codes" and accept "magnetic input."

Both used the same matrix case: a case visually similar to a traditional Monotype composition matrix case, which held 400 interchangeable small matrices (still 0.2 inches square, but I presume each one held a photographic negative of a character). The set system was incompatible with the hot metal Monotype system, using instead a system "based on 96 units to the quad (point or Didot)."

The model 400/8 incorporated an "in-built 8K 16-bit word computer."

The model 400/8:1 was the filmsetter base unit, supplied without additional components. The model 400/8:2 was the filmsetter base unit, plus a tape "reader for correct/merge." The model 400/8:3 was the filmsetter base unit, plus a tape reader and a punch for "correct/merge," and an "updated" 75 cps Facit [brand] tape punch.

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(above) A Monotype 'Monophoto' Model 400/8.

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(above) A Monotype 'Monophoto' 400 series matrix case, common to both the Model 400/31 and the Model 400/8.

The two images above are from the brochure: "'Monophoto' 400/8 Filmsetter".

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'Monophoto' 400/8 Filmsetter

An eight page brochure, dated 1974. Regrettably, this publication is still in copyright (until 2024 in England and, due to foolish GATT provisions now in US copyright law, until 2069 in the US); I therefore cannot reprint it here.

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'Monotype' NJ400 Perforator

A one sheet (two page) advertising flyer, uniform with the "'Monophoto' 400/8 Filmsetter" brochure cited above. It shows a keyboard tape perforator. This perforator, although branded "Monotype," is visually identical to an AKI Autocomp PCI-80 Keyboard Perforator in my possession. It (the Monotype version, as documented) punches a tape which is "ISO [ASCII?] coded to suit [Monophoto] 400 program." (My AKI, by way of contrast, punches a 6-level Teletypesetter code.)

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