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Kendall Metal Feeder

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1. Ashworth

J. Ashworth, in volume II of Operation and Mechanism of the Linotype and Intertype (London: Staples Press Limited, 1955): 202-203, illustrates and describes a feeder simply called there the "Linotype automatic metal feeder" which looks exactly like the Kendall. (This should not be conflated with the "Linotype Metal Feeder" shown in the Mergenthaler Linotype Company Catalog No. 27 of 1936.) This is a good set of illustrations. Unfortunately, Ashworth is in copyright and so I cannot reproduce this material here.

2. LMP

Linotype Machine Principles (NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1940): 439-440) has this to say about the Kendall Metal Feeder:

"This one-pig feeder is very simply constructed, has few moving parts, is positive in action and requires no additional power to operate. It can be easily and quickly applied to any Linotype, equipped with either gas or electric pot. It is attached to the upper rib of the column. For Models 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, K and L, which do not have this rib, a cross-member will be furnished.

"The mechanism consists of a friction drum for holding the weight of the ingot (about 35 pounds), a ratchet to control the feed of the ingot, a pawl for operating the ratchet and a lever to actuate the pawl. The feed of the ingot into the metal pot is controlled by the forward and backward movement of the pot. As the pot moves forward, a lever follows the movement causing a pawl to engate a ratchet tooth and as the pot moves backward, the ratchet is turned, thereby feeding the ingot downard into the metal. A float in the metal pot allows the ingot to be fed only when the lvel of metal is low enough to require it."

This is the same text used in the 1936 Catalog No. 27, and later in Catalog No. 56.

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