Vendor Sales Literature

(Kendall Metal Feeder)

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1. Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 760.105-L-Y-5X

Mergenthaler Linotype Company. Kendall Metal Feeder. (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, n.d.). Publication code: 760.105-L-Y-5X

This is a single sheet (double sided) advertising flyer. First, here's the flyer; click on either of the two images for a higher-resolution version.

Next, here are higher-resolution versions of each of the four images. (Click on the thumbnail image below for the larger version.)

image mlc-kendall-metal-feeder-flyer-760-105-l-y-5x1200rgb-recto-crop-image-3696x10672-scale-2048x5913-sf0.jpg image mlc-kendall-metal-feeder-flyer-760-105-l-y-5x1200rgb-verso-rot0p5cw-crop-image1-2048x2782-sf0.jpg image mlc-kendall-metal-feeder-flyer-760-105-l-y-5x1200rgb-verso-rot0p5cw-crop-image2-2650x3600-scale-2048x2782-sf0.jpg image mlc-kendall-metal-feeder-flyer-760-105-l-y-5x1200rgb-verso-rot0p5cw-crop-image3-2650x380-scale-2048x2937-sf0.jpg

Note: I scanned the original at 1200 dpi, which results in unpresentably large image files. The recto and verso of the flyer as shown here have been reduced to 768 pixels in width and converted lossily to JPEG. The higher-resolution versions to which they link are 2048 pixel wide lossy JPEGs. The four details of the iamges are also 2048 pixel wide lossy JPEGs, but since they start with a smaller section of the original, they are higher resolution. As always, I would be happy to make the original scans available to serious enthusiasts and researchers.

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