Engineering Drawings & Data

Mergenthaler Linotype Company

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These are digitizations of original engineering drawings done by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company.

Historians of linecasting and practical linecasters alike owe a great debt of gratitude to Dave and Beth Seat of Hot Metal Services for preserving these drawings and making them available. Were it not for their extraordinary efforts, all of these drawings would be decomposing in a landfill.

Each Mergenthaler part number designates a particular part specifically, but says nothing about where which of the many models of Linotype it was used on, or where it is used in the machine. Individual parts are frequently used in multiple locations in the machine. Right now, the best way to determine where a part is used is by consulting the Mergenthaler parts books themselves.

See also the Linotype Parts Co. / Star Parts Engineering Drawings & Data Notebooks. Star Parts reverse-engineered many Linotype components.

See also the "Individual Makers of Linotype & Intertype Compatible Parts" for modern reverse-engineered and/or compatible components.

For other kinds of Mergenthaler Linotype technical drawings intended for use in maintenance, see Maintenance.

Plese note that this is a big project and that it is not yet finished.

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Information for specific parts, by part number:

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