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Tables of Screws, Dowels, Nuts, Etc.

Mergenthaler Linotype Company

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These are from Mergenthaler Linotype Company Parts Catalogs, as indicated. In a perfect world, each part here would link over to its location in the Drawings. In this present world, these tables are simply reprinted here as images (so that items in the Drawings can link to these tables). When tables in different Parts Catalogs are identical, only one of them appears here.

Parts Catalogs Nos. 51 & 52, Table 3: Click here for PDF of Cat. 51 version and here for PDF of Cat. 52 version.

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image link-to-mlc-catalog-51-741-51-F-QQ-7-5X-1952-assembling-distributing-TABLES-398-table-03-sf0.jpg image link-to-mlc-catalog-52-741-A-VV-15X-1957-casting-driving-TABLES-162-rot0p5ccw-table-03-sf0.jpg

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