Linotype Maintenance Books

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Rogers. Linotype Instruction Book. (1925)

Rogers, John R. Linotype Instruction Book. (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1925.)

John R. Rogers went from being Linotype's most serious competitor (the Rogers Typograph) to, effectively, their most senior technical person. This general technical introduction to the Linotype is both the first such book written by an insider and the last such book written by someone who had been there from before the beginning. Because of its date (1925) it does not cover details of the "Blue Streak" generation of machines now more familiar, but it remains the best starting place.

It is already online on Bill Spurling's However, the link on the "Information Resources and Bibliography" page there is only to the PDF for the Table of Contents. In order to get to the entire document, I find that I have to go to the directory containing the individual PDFs of the chapters:

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Linotype Machine Principles. (1940)

Anon. Linotype Machine Principles. (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1925.)

This is the primary technical reference for the Linotype. It is the sequel to Rogers' Linotype Instruction Book of 1925. It covers the "mature" lineup of "Blue Streak" machines, although because of its date (1940) it does not cover later machines such as the Comet and the Elektrons.

It is already online on Bill Spurling's at

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Linotype Maintenance Manual

Anon. Linotype Maintenance Manual. (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, [various dates]) This book went through several editions.

The 4th edition (1951) is online on Bill Spurling's at

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