Comet-Specific Maintenance

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1. General Maintenance

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"Instructions for the Adjustment of the Blue Streak Comet." Service Instruction No. 9. (January [no day specified], 1952).

2. High-Speed Operation

Note that the "Instructions for the Adjustment of the Blue Streak Comet." Service Instruction No. 9. (January [no day specified], 1952), reproduced above, emphasizes the need for precise adjustment of the Comet for high-speed operation.

High-speed operation was useful primarily in conjunction with the Teletypesetter.

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Method of Changing Machine Speeds on Blue Streak Comet

Service Instruction No. 9-2 (March, 1954). Note: I do not know if this document is complete. It may indeed be complete. On the other hand, it bears no Mergenthaler printing code (I would have expected it to). As acquired, it also had a staple in it but nothing else attached by that staple (suggesting that a further page might be missing).

3. Teletypesetter-Related Documents

See also the documentation for the Teletypesetter itself.

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[Comet TTS Safeties]

"Operation of Comet Teletypesetter Safeties (Distributor Stop, Tight Line, Assembler Belt Stop and Last Mat Kicker) Using a Standard Teletypesetter Operating Unit." Service Instruction No. 10. (December 12, 1951).

The PDF here includes (for reasons explained within it) a "Diagram of Assembler Slide Brake Release Mechanism" which may or may not really be a part of it. This Diagram is also reproduced in Miscellaneous and Orphan Maintenance Documents .

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[TTS] No Cast Safety Device

"Instructions for [Comet TTS] No Cast Safety Device." Service Instruction No. 9-1 (February, 1952).

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