Mergenthaler Linotype Diagram Sheets

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Mergenthaler Linotype Company "Diagram Sheets" were engineering-style drawings which gave installation and service procedures for various aspects of the Linotype. I'm not yet certain whether they were a series separate from (and parallel to) the Mailing Sheets (q.v.) or whether they simply predated it. The numbers for the Diagram Sheets seem to be separate, at least (D.S. 2561 dates from 1940, while M.S. 580 dates from 1942).

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D.S. 2561 (Lino-Therm Heaters, 1940)

"Diagram Showing the [illegible] of the Lino-Therm Heaters." (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1940-03-08.)

This document has many issues. My original is itself an old, fading diazo print of an earlier drawing. The earlier drawing was itself obviously badly damaged (with portions illegible and missing), and this diazo print has suffered further damage. I scanned it some time ago, before my experience with stitching software; I therefore scanned it with insufficient overlap to allow the scanning software to do a good stitching job. The version presented here is therefore stitched horizontally in two strips (fairly well, considering) by the Hugin scanning software. These two horizontal sections have been juxtaposed vertically. Nevertheless, all technical information present on the original scans is present in this digitization.

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