Pot, Heater, and Thermostat Maintenance

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1. Pots

Recall that in Linotype terminology the "pot" is the entire assembly, consisting of the "pot jacket" (the outside casting which is visible), the "crucible" (where the melting happens), and other parts. This is in distinction to, for example, Ludlow terminology (where the whole thing is called the "crucible").

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Linotype Electric Pot (March, 1923)

Instruction Bok for the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of the Linotype Electric Pot . (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1923).

2. Linotronic Temperature Control

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Linotronic Temperature Control

Service Instruction No. 18 (October, 1959). 18pp.

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Instructions for Applying Linotronic Control Mouthpiece Probe 41-2014-01

Service Instruction No. 20 (February, 1960). 1 page.

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