Drawings of Unknown Provenance

Probably for Linotype Maintenance

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Assembler Slide Brake Release

"Diagram of Assembler Slide Brake Release Mechanism..."

These are Linotype part numbers. In the machinist's binder in which I found the original, this single sheet appeared in close proximity to "Operation of Comet Teletypesetter Safeties (Distributor Stop, Tight Line, Assembler Belt Stop and Last Mat Kicker) Using a Standard Teletypesetter Operating Unit" [Service Instruction No. 10 (1951-12-12)] and to "Instructions for the Operation, Adjustment and Maintenance of the M. L. Co. Electric Quadder (Teletypesetter Operated)." [Service Instruction No. 11 (1951-02-01)] It doesn't appear to be a part of either, but it is not irrelevant to them and probably was inserted by a previous owner of the binder.

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