Mergenthaler Linotype Wiring Diagrams

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Note: The wiring diagrams reproduced here include only those which were published as separate drawings (not those included as parts of manuals).

I most cases it is best to download the larger version of the diagram to your computer and to view it offline using a proper image viewing program. Viewing it through a web browser will almost certainly be unsatisfactory.

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W.C. 2,624 (Electric Pot, 1951/1959)

"Wiring Diagram for Electric Pot" (Wiring Diagram # 2,624, 1 sheet). (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1951, 1959) Drawn 1951-02-12. Revision 3, 1959-09-29. Rev. 1 references Memo # 26035. Rev. 2 references Memo # 26334.

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