Linotype Operational Literature

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Note: The term "operational" here is restricted to literal keyboard operation. For Mergenthaler literature on larger-scale "operational" (i.e., organization and planning) topics, see the General Overviews Notebooks in the Sales Literature section.

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Manual Keyboard Operation

See also: Third-Party Operational Literature .

[TO DO: Matrix planning and ordering; order blanks; link to material on notching.]

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Linotype Keyboard Operation

Linotype Keyboard Operation: Methods of Study and Procedures for Setting Various Kinds of Composition on the Linotype . (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1957.)

This book is already online on Bill Spurling's However, the link on the "Information Resources and Bibliography" page there is only to the PDF for the Table of Contents. If there are hyperlinks in it to the PDFs of the various chapters, they don't seem to work for me. In order to get to the entire document, I find that I have to go to the directory containing the individual PDFs of the chapters:

[click image to read at The Internet Archive]

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Linotype Keyboard Practice (1947)

General Maintenance (Part I): Routine Checkups, Cleaning and Lubrication . (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1942.) Printing code: 610.25-C-U-22X. This is the first of four "General Maintenance" booklets (parts I through IV) in the "Linotype Life Extension" series.

Because it was a part of the "Linotype Life Extension" series, the icon above left links to the presentation of this booklet in the Linotype Maintenance Booklets Notebook.

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Teletypesetter and Tape/Computational Operation

Note: The TTS crosses many boundaries and the literature on it is distributed in several locations throughout CircuitousRoot. For an index to this, see ../../ TTS Literature Locations.


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