Linotype Sales Literature

Development in the 1900s

Models 3, 5 & 6; 2, 4 & 7

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The Model 5 Later On

Something called a "Model 5" was made from the introduction of the model in 1906 up through the end of Linotype production in the late 1970s. The later machines were, however, significantly re-engineered. (I can attest from experience that a 1940s vintage Model 5F is much, much heavier than a 1900s vintage "high base" Model 5.) The links below are links "up-and-over" to other sections of literature reprints; they're intended simply to give some idea of the longevity of the model.

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Blue Streak Model 5 Meteor

Later in the "Blue Streak" era (post-Comet, presumably), the Model 5 was rebranded the "Model 5 Meteor." This is a link "up and over" to the Mature "Blue Streak" The Linotype Line , a sales booklet which includes this machine (circa 1960).

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The New Elektron Meteor

This is a link "up and over" to the Elektron sales literature section.

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