Linotype Sales Literature

Standardization in the 1910s

[Model 5]; Models 8, 14 & 11; [Model 9 series]

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The 1910s saw the first broad product lineup: A simple one-magazine machine (Model 5). A multiple magazine nonmixer (Model 8) with optional side magazines (Model 14) or wide measure (Model 11). For mixers, the Model 4 continued (it is illustrated, for example, in the 1919 publication Newspaper Headings Composed Direct from the Keyboard and was joined by the Model 9 (see above).

These three bases (a simple machine for small offices, a standard multiple magazine machine for straight work, and a mixer for display) continued at the core of the lineup until the end.

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The Three-Magazine Model 8 Linotype

1924. [NOT DONE] A tri-fold brochure showing a Model 8 growing from one to three magazines.

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