Linotype Tape-Control Systems

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The Teletypesetter had been in production since the early 1930s. Mergenthaler did produce features in support of the TTS (see especially Linotype (US) Features for TTS or High-Speed Operation). The earliest Mergenthaler competitor to the TTS of which I am aware is the Linomatic Tape System, or LTS. (I don't know its date of introduction, but the sales literature has a 1950s style to it).

Some of the later Mergenthaler tape equipment designed for phototypesetting machines could also be used with hot metal typecasters. The Linoquick Perferator, for example, was intended as a part of the Linofilm system (producing tapes for the Linofilm Quick phototypesetter), but it could also produce older-style tapes for hot metal machines.

The study of coding systems for typesetting control tapes is going to be a fascinating one when I get around to it - but I haven't yet. I believe that the LTS tapes are compatible with TTS tapes (and therfore "standard" wire service tapes), but I'm not sure either of this or of its details.

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Linomatic Tape System [LTS] Perforator


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Linomatic Tape System [LTS] Operating Unit


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Linoquick Perforator

LF1.17.1 (12-66-5M). I believe that the Linoquick Perforator was designed as a part of the Linofilm system (note especially the publication code, which begins "LF1..."), and particularly for input to the Linofilm Quick "phototextsetters" (I love that word). However its literature also notes that it would be "idea ... for use with the Auto-Controlled Elektron Linotype" (and I presume other tape-controlled hot metal Linotypes).

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