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New Style Spaceband

A notice that Spaceband Slides J-3554 thick, J-3558 extra thick, J-3566 extra thin, J-3570 special taper and J-4390 wide range "are now interchangeable" and may be furnished separately. It also references p/n J-180, the Stop Pin for the spacebands.

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New Linotype Spaceband [TTS]

New Linotype Spaceband Especially Designed for Smoother Tape Operation. 740.43-F-UU-7X. Introduces the TTS Spaceband (J-6453). Reviews the other five styles of spaceband: Extra Thin (J-3568), Wide Range (J-4391), Thick (J-3556), Special Taper (J-3572), and Extra Thick (J-3460). Also announces that "All Linotype spacebands have been redesigned with a new radius at the lower end of the wedge..."

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