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Part Numbers A*

Linotype Parts Company / Star Parts

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Part No. A-2. Pot Pump Plunger Brush:

Part No. A-3. Pot Mouth Wiper:

Part No. A-6. Brush, Pot Well:

Part No. A-7: See p/n A-822-A

Part No. A-8: See p/n A-822-A

Part No. A-9. Liner Screwdriver, with Straight Bit:

Part No. A-10. Offset Screwdriver:

Part No. A-11. Duck Bill Pliers:

Part No. A-12. Matrix Hook:

Part No. A-13. Ladle - Pot Crucible Well Skimmer:

Part No. A-14. Matrix Tray (unfinished wood, 16 1/2" x 11 1/2"):

Part No. A-15. Sorts Tray (wood w/metal dividers):

Part No. A-16. Three Quarter [keyboard light] Shade:

Part No. A-20. Cam Rolls:

Part No. A-23. Roller Bearing:

Part No. A-25. Back Mold Wiper [Replaced by M-49-2]:

(Note: A-25 is not a Linotype part number for any Back Mold Wiper part.)

Part No. A-26. Pot Pump Bracket Screw, Lower, 3/4"-10 x 1 1/4" Hex Head]:

Part No. A-26. Cam Shaft Bracket, R.H., Screw, Short, 3/4"-10 x 2 1/4" Hex Head]:

Part No. A-27. Liner Tray, unfinished wood, 11 1/2" x 7":

Part No. A-38. Keyboard Auxiliary Plate Back Screw [same as Mergenthaler A-38]:

Part No. A-56. Set Screw:

Part No. A-103. Knife, Back Screw:

Part No. A-112. Knife, Back Screw: [= M39C-E33]

Part No. A-114. Magazine Swinging Lever, Lower, Bracket Dowel:

Part No. A-120. Magazine Frame Arm L. H. Dowel:

Part No. A-132. Magazine Frame Elevating Link Shaft Set Screw:

Part No. A-188. Distributor Beam Dowel:

Part No. A-822-A. Pot Crucible Well Brush Handle [Replaces A-7 and A-8]:

Part No. AU8AR. End Plate:

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