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Mold Liners

Linotype Parts Company / Star Parts

This is the contents of the folder of drawings in the archive labeled "LINERS". These sheets contain a miscellany of drawings of Linotype and Intertype compatible Mold Liners, both specifically by part number and generically. It also contains engineering information about liners, generally, and drawings of several cutting tools for manufacturing Liners. The order of the drawings here is the order that they happened to be in in the folder as received. Because several bear a "part number" which just says "LINER", I've prepended a [sheet number within the folder] to each "part."

Click on any link in the list to go to an image of the sheet. Sheets are engineering drawings unless otherwise noted.

Go "up" one level in this website for notes on the provenance, scanning, and presentation of these documents.

[Sheet 1] Liners

[Sheet 2] F-7054, F-7048, F-7062

[Sheet 3] Liner

[Sheet 4] Liner

[Sheet 5] Head Letter Liner (R.H. & 30 Em)

[Sheet 6] Liner (Inter[type])

[Sheet 7] Liner

[Sheet 8] Cutter for Liners

[Sheet 9] Cutter for Liners

[Sheet 10] Cutter (6 Pocket) Liners

[Sheet 11] Liner Cutter

[Sheet 12] Cutter, Liner

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