Engineering Document Copyright Status

Linotype Parts Company / Star Parts

The copyright status of the Star Parts / Linotype Parts Company engineering drawings reproduced here is unclear. What is clear is the need to preserve these documents digitally, as they were very nearly destroyed (and many similar documents were in fact destroyed). They are an important part of the history of our technical civilization, as they are the only surviving drawn/written technical record of the most important third-party supplier to the most important physical media technology of the 20th century. Without linecasting technology (including the detailed technical contributions of third-party suppliers such as Star Parts), none of the newspapers and little of the publishing industry of the 20th century could have existed.

These documents are presented here as a nonprofit, noncommercial act of historical preservation with the kind permission and the great encouragement of the current owners of the original drawings, Dave and Beth Seat of Hot Metal Services. We are all very much in their debt for their efforts in preserving these drawings and making them available.

Neither Dave and Beth Seat (who own the original documents) nor Dr. David M. MacMillan (who scanned them) assert any new rights on these documents.

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