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Z-84 Vise Aligning Block

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"The Star Vise Aligning Block Helps Eliminate Lock-Up Problems." (South Hackensack, NJ: Linotype Parts Company, Inc., [n.d.]) Single-sided. Printing code: 73-ST-KK-SEM.

I'm pretty sure that I borrowed the original of this from Greg Fischer (The Linofish), but I neglected to make a proper note with my scan. If I did, thanks, Greg.

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Instructions (Form 60)

"Instructions, Star Vise Aligning Block, Z-84." (South Hackensack, NJ: Star Parts, Inc., [n.d.]) Form 60. Single-sided. Printing code: T-YS-KH.

Thanks are due to Greg Fischer (The Linofish) for preserving this document and making it available.

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Instructions (Form 150)

"Instructions, Star Vise Aligning Block, Z-84." (South Hackensack, NJ: Star Parts Co. [Powers & Eaton] [n.d.]) Stamped "Star/Wetter" division. Form 150. Single-sided.

Scanned from an original that I own.

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