The English Model 53 Linotype


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1. Overview

A single-magazine machine introduced 1953. ( {L&M 1964}, p. 2.)

2. Characteristics and Appearance

Single magazine. "Designed for text setting. Similar in basic construction to the [English] Model 48, has a single magazine, single distributor, and one mould. A second mould can be fitted if needed." Ashworth also illustrates the two-pocket mould wheel (mold disk in American terminology) with a dummy mould for balance.

Here is the English Model 53 Linotype as shown in Ashworth. {Ashworth 1955}, vol. 1, p. 4:

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3. Notes and References

{Ashworth 1955} Ashworth, J. Operation and Mechanism of the Linotype and Intertype. London: Staples Press Limited, 1955.

{L&M 1964} The Linotype Manual. London: Linotype and Machinery Limited, 1964.

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