The Model 1 Linotype (1892-1902)

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1. Summary

This was

Note: Some sources call this machine the "Simplex" Linotype (other sources call the Square Base the "Simplex," and at least one source calls both the Simplex. However, I can find no evidence that this machine was called the "Simplex" during its manufacture or at any point for several decades after (until the 1930s in German and the 1950s in English). See the Notebook on the "Simplex" Linotype for a discussion of why I do not believe that "Simplex" is a valid name for either of these machines .

2. Features

3. Survivors

4. Illustrations and Literature

(See also the modern photographs of surviving machines in the references to these surviving machines noted earlier.)

In the 20th century, the Mergenthaler Linotype Company was a major corporation which as a matter of course took out consistent full-page ads in trade journals. It didn't start out that way. They never advertised the "Blower" Linotype in the US trade press. The only ads which even make reference to the "Square Base" machine are a series of threats against customers of the Rogers Typograph.

I believe that the first advertisement in The Inland Printer which specifically promotes the Model 1 Linotype (and the first to illustrate a Linotype of any model) appeared in February, 1893 (a few months after the introduction of this machine). In this ad it is simply called "The Linotype."

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(From {{ Inland Printer Feb. 1893} )

5. Notes and References

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