The Teletypesetter & Related Topics

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A Field Guide to the Teletypesetter

An illustrated survey of Teletypesetter and related equipment.

The icon at left links to a lower-resolution PDF of this Guide. It is 6.3 Megabytes in size, in PDF format. Here is the full-resolution version, which is a 91 Megabyte PDF (but not really that much better in terms of visual quality): tts-field-guide.pdf

Because this is licensed under the CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike license, you should have the source. It's in OpenOffice/LibreOffice format with embedded images. (Note: as of 2015, LibreOffice will work poorly with this file because of bugs in its handling of embedded images; Apache OpenOffice 4 works fine.) This is a 144 Megabyte file: tts-field-guide.odt

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