Individual Specimens

and Typographical Promotion

For Composing Linecasters

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The line between "promotion" and "education" can be thin (and the line between "specimen" and "promotion" doesn't really even exist). For example, is a short brochure which explains how to use ruleform matrices promotional (to sell mats) or educational (to learn to use them)? Is a binder collecting a set of specimen sheets just many specimens, while a bound volume of the same is a Specimen Book? (Mergenthaler did both.)

If the document seems large enough to qualify as a "specimen book" (whether properly bound or looseleaf) then I'll put it in the ../ Specimen Books Notebooks.

In the ../ Typographic Education Notebooks, I'll gather material of all lengths which seems more generally to treat of typographic composition with less regard to specific typefaces or fonts of matrices.

In the "Individual Specimens and Typographic Promotion" Notebooks here I'll gather short material such as specimen sheets, newsletters, and brochures (but sometimes small booklets or even short books) which seems to me to have been intended primarily to sell matrices.

I'll start with the two major companies in the US, and then (when material is available) proceed alphabetically.

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Mergenthaler Linotype

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