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Monotype (General) and the Monotype Composition Caster

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Brochures, Etc.

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Composition Mold 3E

"New Style 3E Monotype Composition Mold." (Philadelphia, PA: Lanston Monotype Machine Company, 1934). Advertising brochure introducing the mold. This brochure is undated, but the Directions for Care and Cleaning [of] The Style 2E Non-Adjustable Monotype Mold indicate that the 2E was superseded by the 3E in 1934.

Thanks are due to Sky Shipley of Skyline Type Foundry for making this literature available.

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Magazine Ads

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1903 Monotype Advertisements

From The Inland Printer. An 8-page illustrated insert in the November 1903 number which gives a nice technical marketing overview of the Monotype. A 4-page insert in the December 1903 number which introduces an "attachment" for converting the composition caster to the casting of sorts and fonts of type (no illustrations, though).

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See ../ Technical / 'Making Sure' At the Monotype Works , which is semi-technical but perhaps more promotional.

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