Monotype Composition Caster & Keyboard

Sales and Technical Literature

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Lanston Monotype Machine Company Literature

Note: This set of Notebooks contains literature which is either general across the Monotype company/companies or specific to the Composition Caster. For literature specific to the Type-&-Rule Caster, the Giant Caster, or the Supercaster, see the relevant set of Notebooks in ../../../ Noncomposing Typecasters.

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Advertising and Promotion

1903 ads (shift to quality typography; introduction of sorts casting attachment).

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[ The Monotype System.] [Plate Books.] [Adjustment Books.]

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Third-Party Literature

Literature by non-Lanston entities either for the Monotype system or for their own products for the Monotype Composition Caster.

[Note: Add Monotype Mold Pump Gun from William Reid Co. 1931 catalog.]

"Dickinson, Rogers. "A Machine That Thinks." The bibliography of this is unnecessarily obscure. It apperas on pp. 755-758 of the Google Books PDF of Volume IV (May-Oct, 1902) of The World's Work It is probably on unnumbered pages 53-56 of The World's Work Advertiser appended to No. 6 (October, 1902). A popular description of the Lanston Monotype machine, with illustrations.

Doubleday, Russell. [chapter] "A Machine that Thinks: A Typesetting Machine that Makes Mathematical Calculations." in Russell Doubleday. Stories of Inventors. (NY: Doubleday Page & Co., 1905): 201-207.

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