The Raky Press Miehle V50

November 2016

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1. Introduction

A week after moving the Raky Press Model 31 Linotype it was time to move their Miehle model V50 "Vertical" cylinder printing press. This press is a later version of my Miehle V36, but heavier. (The "50" in V50 is the number of impressions per hour, in hundreds. Thus it can do 5,000 impressions/hour. My V36 can only do 3,600, but it's prettier.)

2. Miscellaneous Pictures

A Miehle V50 weighs about 3600 pounds. That is to say, it's nearly as heavy as a Model 31 Linotype, but more compact.

I didn't get a chance to take many pictures, unfortunately. The images here were taken by Sara on her phone.

Loading the press. Ky is at the pallet jack, while I'm operating a come-along. Even though the street is downhill, the shallow ramp of the tail of the trailer is slightly uphill. One nice thing about a drop-bed trailer is that when the bed is on the ground there's a nice, safe area in front of the bed, protected by the steel rails of the bed, where you can stand to do things like this.

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Driving away. Yes, your suburban neighbors may have strange machines such as this lurking in their garages.

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Just off the trailer at the Raky Press shop, after dark.

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Safely inside, on its way to meet its old friend the Model 31 Linotype.

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