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"Artistic Printing" isn't a descriptive term but rather is the name of a particular style of relatively elaborate letterpress printing which peaked in the late 1880s. I don't have many examples of this genre; surviving items are generally so beautiful that they're quite out of my limited price range.

Actually, I may have even less than I think. In discussion with several experienced printers, the concensus was that the first item below, Little ABC Book, was either printed via lithography or via letterpress techniques using a single engraved plate. It is unlikely that it was composed in type.

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Little ABC Book (1884)

Little ABC Book. (NY: McLoughlin Brothers, 1884.) It is in fact printed on linen cloth. The smaller icon at left links to a PDF presentation of the book as 600dpi JPEG images (47 Megabytes). The larger image below links, when clicked upon, to a full-resolution 1200dpi PNG image of the covers (113 Megabytes for just the one image).

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