The Geography of Printing

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One of the things you learn very quickly after getting involved with real printing and type-making is that it requires a great deal of monstrously heavy equipment. Printing is tied to geography simply because you need someplace to put the equipment - and build it, and move it.

So far, though, all I have here are a few notes on aspects of the history of printing in Chicago.

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Chicago Typemaking & Printing

Chicago is probably the second most important city in the history of American type and printing (and were it not for the presence of Mergenthaler and Intertype in Brooklyn, it might be the first). The home of The Inland Printer, the Ludlow Typograph Company and R. Hunter Middleton, Oz Cooper, Wiebking's punch and matrix engraver and engraving services, Goudy's first types; the birthplace of the Thompson and the Nuernberger-Rettig type casters, and the home of a commercial typefounding industry from the 1850s until I hauled the last commercial typecasting machine out in 2011.

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