Norman T. A. Munder

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Baltimore-based printer.

Although type Munder Venezian (originally Laclede Oldstyle) was (re)named after Munder, I do not believe that Munder himself was responsible for any letterform design.

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In Production Manager (1937)

Production Manager. Vol. 3, No. 12, Whole No. 36 (August, 1937). This issue of this magazine was dedicated to Munder and contains two articles: Robert L. Leslie's "Norman T. A. Munder: A Brief Sketch of the Career of a Famous Baltimore Printer" and Frederic W. Goudy's "Recollections of N.T.A.M."

The icon here links to a PDF of the entire issue, as scanned by Google from the University of Michigan copy. They mistakenly list its date as 1915; this is probably a good thing, because even though it is in the public domain had they realized it was 1937 they probably wouldn't have released it.

Its frontispiece is a portrait of Munder (reproduced on its own below); it also contains smaller portraits of Bradley, Thomas M. Cleland, Frederic Goudy, and Bruce Rogers. It contains a portrait identified as William Aspinwell Bradley, but I believe that this is in fact a portrait of Will H. Bradley (q.v. for a discussion of this).

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