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New 2010-11-13...16 Our seventh Linotype, a gas Model 31 with hydraquadder, s/n 68,814 (1959)
2010-10-10 Our sixth Linotype, an electric Model 5F with water cooling and manually controlled hydraquadder, s/n 57,025 (1945)
2010-07-30 Our fifth Linotype, a gas-fired Model 5, no quadder, s/n 37,969R (1924)
2010-06-08 Our third Ludlow, a gas-fired Model L, s/n 6,160 (1949)

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Updates: 2009-10-21 The Rouse Type Mortiser (not miterer, mortiser)
2009-06-03 Esham's Matrix Milling Machine
2009-05-26 Monomelt 1939 Parts Catalog
2009-04-23 Star Self-Actuating Feeder Manual
2009-04-10 Margach Feeder booklet
2009-03-23 Star Matrix Repair Tool Instructions
2009-03-xx Ludlow Model M manual and brochure; other Ludlow docs

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2009 2009-11-15 First casting on Linotype Model 5
2009-11-12 Ludlow Typograph s/n 10,571 casts; needs work on delivery mechanism
2009-11-11 Ludlow Supersurfacer s/n 3211 runs
2009-11-03 Another Elrod (and a second Ludlow)
2009-10-22 First Printing (Handset, C&P Free-Roller Galley Proof Press)
2009-09-13 First Casting (Ludlow)
2009-06-11 An Elrod (restoration project)
2009-05-18 Two More Linotypes (Models 5 and 29)
2009-03-04 We Get a Ludlow
2008 2008-10-15 Wonderful Experiences at Linotype University VI
2008-09-03 My First Linotypes/Intertypes, and a Platen Press

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