Ludlow Ephemeral Technical Notes

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1. Reworking for Model S Part 80-3720-00

In a letter dated 1978-08-31 to a customer (which I don't feel at liberty to reprint as the customer is still in business) the Ludlow Typograph Company wrote that it had in stock only two of Model S part 80-3720-00, "6-32 x 3/8" long Pan Head Machine Screw" (which it supplied, so presumably then there were none), but suggested the following:

"... you can enlarge the hole slightly and standardize the screw. Use a #36 tap drill and rethread the hole with a 6-32 tap. Then you can buy the screws from your local hardware store."

I would presume that this implies that the original hole/screw had a nonstandard depth of engagement, otherwise rethreading 6-32 with 6-32 makes little sense.

2. Scattered Technical Bibliography

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[Electroformed Ludlow Mats] (ATF No. 33)

[unattributed, but really] Hopkins, Richard L. and Pat Molitor. "Electrodeposited Matrices for the Ludlow Machine"> ATF Newsletter. No. 33 (October, 2009): 34. Extremely large Ludlow-compatible electroformed matrices of unknown manufacture, illustrated. Also shows such a matrix which "self-destructed" during casting (illlustrating nature of damage).

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