Ludlow Ephemera: Letterheads, Envelopes, Etc.

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1. Letters

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Ludlow Typograph Co., 1920-03-29

The image at left links to a readable but reduced-size version of this letter (0.9 Megabytes). The full 1200dpi scan is 176 Megabytes, and not really worth reproducing here. What is of interest, though, is the halftone cut of a Ludlow Typograph, reproduced at full resolution here: letter-ludlow-to-cleveland-trust-bank-1920-03-29-1200rgb-ludlow-cut-1200rgb-1584-1824.png . It is very interesting insofar as it dates from 1920 (11 years after the introduction of the Ludlow). It shows what greatly resembles a modern Model L Ludlow Typograph, save that it has no cooling tank.

2. Envelopes (and Post-marks)

This is an envelope, postmarked 1961-07-02, which originally contained a Price List of Ludlow Parts (effective 1962-10-22; see Ludlow Literature -> Price Lists) and Price List of Elrod Parts (effective 1962-10-22; see Elrod Manuals and Service Documents ) It is interesting primarily because it illustrates Ludlow's custom post-mark (enlarged in the second image below).

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3. Business Cards

The two Ludlow Typograph Co. business cards below were paperclipped to a 1961 Price List of Parts. It is interesting that they have different designs; presumably the District Manager got new cards earlier (after the introduction of Brightype).

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