Ludlow Typograph Erecting Procedures

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Ludlow [Model L] Floor Plan (1931/1935)

This is a reduced-scale version of a scan of a blueprint of a blueprint of an installation FLOOR PLAN for a Ludlow Typograph Machine, gas (unspecified model, but Model L). It also gives the crated and uncrated weights of the machine.

The fields in the Title Block read: "[?] BY S.J.M. DATE 7-3-31" "TRACED BY A.F.A. 11-26-35" "CHECKED BY S.J.M. 11-26-35" "APPROVED BY W.M.C. 11-26-35" "[MACHINE?] TYPOGRAPH" "PART LUDLOW FLOOR PLAN"

Dave Seat's website, has good information on Ludlow sizes and weights.

See also the manuals.

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Gas Regulator Installation (1946)

Drawing A-461-B. "Ludlow Gas Regulator Installation Layout." (Chicago: Ludlow Typograph Co., Approved 1946-10-24.) Thanks are due to Greg Fischer (The Linofish) for preserving this document and making it available.

It isn't really necessary (the 2048 pixel wide version you get by clicking on the icon is perfectly legible), but here is a 600dpi version as a JPEG images: ludlow-drawing-A-461-B-1946-10-24-gas-regulator-installation-linofish-1200rgb-scale-2048x2698-scale-5052x6656.jpg The original 1200dpi scan is 208 Megabytes and contains no more information than these; I've archived it, but it isn't worth presenting here.

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