Ludlow History

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William A. Reade, 1866-1930 (1930)

This is a biography published upon the occasion of Reade's death. It gives some of the basic corporate history of the Ludlow Typograph company.

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McMurtrie. Notes on the History of the Ludlow (1936)

A very short article by the Director of Typography for Ludlow.

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Dunham. History and Development of the Ludlow Typograph (1950)

An extract of a chapter from Sherman, Frank M., ed. The Genesis of Machine Typesetting. (Chicago: M & L Typesetting & Electrotyping Company, 1950.)

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Stephen Austin and Sons (ATF No. 33)

Harrison, John. "Matrix Making at Stephen Austin and Sons; Work Leads to Merger with Ludlow, U.S. Closure." American Typecasting Fellowship Newsletter. No. 33 (October, 2009): 32-34. An account of the matrix making engraving activities of the English printing firm Stephen Austin and Sons. They made (English) Monotype compatible matrices, and later made Ludlow compatible matrices. They ended up acquiring Ludlow for a period, operating as Ludlow (UK). Brief notes on the end of Ludlow Typograph.

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