Ludlow Journals and Compilations

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1. Journals

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The Ludlow Quarterly

Bill Simon published The Ludlow Quarterly for eight issues in 1995-1996. It is reprinted here with his kind permission.

2. Compilations

There have been two remarkable compilations of material about the Ludlow company and Ludlow Typograph. Here I'll simply present information about them.

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A Ludlow Anthology

Steven and Meryl Chayt, Eds. A Ludlow Anthology. (Winter Haven, FL: Anachronic Editions, 1986.) I'll cite this as "{LA}" The Notebook here contains the bibliographic information for this book and an annotated summary of its contents.

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The Ludlow System

Jim Parrish, Ed. The Ludlow System. I'll cite this as "{LS}" This book is still available from Dave and Beth Seat, Hot Metal Services:

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