Chayt & Chayt, Eds. A Ludlow Anthology

Contents and Comments

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1. Bibliography

Chayt, Steven and Meryl Chayt, Eds. A Ludlow Anthology. Winter Haven, FL: Anachronic Editions, 1986.

(I'll cite this as "{LA}" in other bibliography.)

This is a beautiful book, prepared near the end of Ludlow production with the cooperation of R. Hunter Middleton (to whom it is dedicated). It was printed in an edition of 100 copies, and in at least one copy the name of the person to whom it was presented was typeset and printed specifically in that copy. I don't own a copy, and indeed have not yet seen one in person. I know of it only from online references and from correspondence with someone who does own a copy.

2. Contents

Front pastedown: Images from the US patent for the matrix-bar Typograph.

Front flyleaf: Images from US patent 1,069,176, 1913-08-05 by W. A. Reade, for improvements to the matrix-bar Typograph. It is curious that neither of the patents embellishing the book are for the Ludlow Typograph as we know it, which was reinvented, so to speak, by Reade at a later date.

p. i. Introduction [presumably by the editors]

p. 3. Irving B. Simon. "Hand Composition - Slug-Cast." [This appeared originally in 1930, in a source not specified.]

p. 13. R. Randolph Karch. "The Operation of the Ludlow Typograph." [(Rochester, NY: Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics' Institute, May 1939) I have reprinted this from the original source; see the "General Theory and Instruction" section of the overall Ludlow Literature Notebook.

p. 29. William A. Kittredge. "Italic Typography." [This may be a reprint of his "Italic Typography as Demonstrated in Some Recent Works on the Ludlow." (1927).]

p. 37. Douglas C. McMurtrie. "Effective Use of the Ludlow." [(1929)]

p. 49. Douglas C. McMurtrie. "Ludlow Ornament." [This is probably a reprint of his "Ludlow Ornament - With an Introduction on Typographic Ornament." (1929)]

p. 55. Douglas C. McMurtrie. "Some Modern Ludlow Typefaces." [(1929)]

p. 63. The Editors. "Notes on the Histor of the Ludlow." [I haven't examined this yet. The version reprinted by Parrish in {LS} contains an adapted version of McMurtrie's Notes on the History of the Ludlow together with additions by a later hand.]

p. 76. Richard E. Huss. "Some Other Hand-Set Slug Casting Machines." [I do not know the provenance of this; it may have been commissioned for this volume.]

p. 79. Sol Malkoff. "Ludlow Typfaces Revisited." [Commissioned for this volume.]

p. 86. Appendix.

However, in that small word, "Appendix," lurks a treasury of information. The Appendixes contain:

A Portrait of Robert Hunter Middleton

"Typefaces and their Designers." This is a list compiled from sources including Middleton's personal list. Designers include Middleton, Ernst Frederick Detterer, William E. Fink, George Hauser, and Douglas C. McMurtrie.

A Bibliography of general, McMurtrie, and Ludlow Typograph Company publications. This includes the only identification I am aware of regarding the Ludlow Typefaces specimen books A through D.

A list of Ludlow printed ephemera (advertising brochures, mostly).

A list of suppliers

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