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Many advertisements have been reproduced by the late James Parrish in his book The Ludlow System. This is still available from Dave and Beth Seat, Hot Metal Services.

The Ludlow booklets Some Reasons Printers Prefer Ludlow [blue cover] and Some Reasons Printers Prefer Ludlow [striped cover, circa 1960] consist primarily of reproductions of Ludlow advertisements.

[TO DO:] Go through The Inland Printer and extract Ludlow ads. Also look in the 1918-1920 timeframe in The Linotype Bulletin (and some Linotype books).

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"How Long..."

I had to scan this in four sections and stitch them together. The stitching isn't perfect, but it could be worse. The image at left links to a 2048 pixel wide JPEG version of this ad. Here is a full-resolution (600dpi) JPEG version of it (13,992 pixels wide, 33 Megabytes): ludlow-m-how-long-newsprint-ad-composite.jpg

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