Sales and Technical Marketing

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General Ludlow System Promotion

Some Reasons Printers Prefer Ludlow (2 editions). Newspaper Experiences with the Ludlow. McMurtrie. The Ludlow System of Slugline Composition and The Typography of a Small Newspaper. Some Ludlow Time Records (1939, 1959).

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Machine and Product Line Overviews

Two Model M Brochures. "3 New Product Developments" [Model M, Model K, Swiftape]. Model S Brochure. Supersurfacer Brochure, with high-resolution images. "New Universal Matrix Cabinet." "New Ludlow Convertible 20 Matrix Cabinet."

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Ruleform Composition. Hot Metal Paste-Up.

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Salesmen's Book (No. 47)

[UNFINISHED] This is the salesmen's handbook for the Ludlow company. This particular copy is No. 47, originally issued to Wesley Lantis. It is current through 1962. It appears here through the courtesy of its present owner, Jeff Shay.

It contains lists of every Ludlow and Elrod product and accessory, as well as machine weights and dimensions. It also contains a complete list of matrix fonts offered (through No. 54, Times New Roman) together with price lists, font schemes, and estimated font weights.

(See also the separate Notebook reprinting several Ludlow [Parts] Price Lists.)

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Many advertisements have been reproduced by the late James Parrish in his book The Ludlow System. This is still available from Dave and Beth Seat, Hot Metal Services.

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