Ludlow Typograph Service Bulletins

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James A. Parrish collected most of the Ludlow service bulletins together, along with significant additional material, in his Ludlow Field Service Notes. This book is still available from Dave and Beth Seat, Hot Metal Services: . If you are interested in maintaining Ludlows, then in my opinion you absolutely must have two books in addition to the Ludlow manuals themselves: Parrish's Ludlow Field Service Notes and Parrish's Ludlow Troubleshooting Guide (also available from Dave Seat).

Below are a few Ludlow bulletins that I happen to have from other sources.

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Poor Face and Hollow Slugs

Forman, Edward P. "Poor Face and Hollow Slugs." (Chicago: Ludlow Typograph Company, n.d.) I got this with my first Ludlow, the Model M from Duluth.

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Care of Ludlow Matrices

Don't drop them.

The image to the left links to a perfectly readable reduced-size version (1.1 Megabytes). If you want it, here's the full-resolution scan: care-of-ludlow-matrices-awm-0600rgb-crop-5008x6216.png (51 Megabytes).

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Instructions for Adjusting Mold (1928)

This is an Insert, entitled "Instructions for Adjusting Ludlow Mold and Adjusting Table Locking Down Mechanism on all Machines Above No. 2092 that are Equipped with the Equalizing Bar Lock," which appeared in the Ludlow Typograph Manual No. 3 , extracted as a separate document. This insert is dated 1928-02-13. It is interesting not only for its instruction but also for its dating of the introduction of the Equalizing Bar.

Because this Insert appeared originally in Manual No. 3, the image here is a link "up and over" to the presentation of this Insert in the "Operation" section.

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Mouthpiece Cleaning Instructions

"Crucible Slotted Mouthpiece Cleaning Instructions," Bulletin FI-68. I scanned this from a copy that I obtained with my second Ludlow. A very slightly different version of this document is reproduced in James A. Parrish's Ludlow Field Service Notes, available from Dave Seat of Hot Metal Services:

The icon at left links to a PDF made from a JPEG (lossy) version; it is under 7 Megabytes. For completeness' sake, here's the original PNG scan (600 dpi RGB, as a PNG (lossless); 55 Megabytes): ludlow-crucible-slotted-mouthpiece-cleaning-instructions-FI-68-0600rgb.png

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[Matrix Dressing Tool A763, 1959 Revision]

"Instructions for Repairing Damaged Matrices Other than Ludlow Ruleform Matrices To File Sides and Foot of Matrix." [Instructions for the Ludlow Matrix Dressing Tool, A763] (Chicago: Ludlow Typograph Company, 1934/1959.) Bulletin FI-45, 1934-02-01, revised 1959-08-27. Thanks are due to Greg Fischer (The Linofish) for making this available.

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[Matrix Dressing Tool A763, 1934]

"Instructions for Repairing Damaged Matrices To File Sides and Foot of Matrix." [Instructions for the Ludlow Matrix Dressing Tool, A763] (Chicago: Ludlow Typograph Company, 1934.) Bulletin FI-45, 1934-02-01. Thanks are due to Sky Shipley of Skyline Type Foundry," for making this available. The poor quality of the reproduction is my fault, not his!

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