The "Mat Holder Stick"

For the Ludlow Typograph

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This is a third-party matrix and composing stick system for the Ludlow Typograph which employed thin, stamped metal mats (first aluminum, later brass).

The address for Fred M. Gay given in the patent (20 N. Kenilworth, Mt. Prospect, IL) is the same as the business address for "mat holder stick co., inc." A look at an online satellite image reveals that this is, in fact, a residence.

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Catalog and Sales Packet

A catalog, with a cover letter and double-sided order sheet. Postmarked Dec. 5, 1962. Note the typewritten addition to the final page of the catalog, typed using the same typewriter (with mis-aligned capitals) as the cover letter.

Thanks are due to Sky Shipley of Skyline Type Foundry for preserving this information.

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US Patent 3,035,687

United States patent 3,035,687 issued 1962-05-22 to Fred M. Gay. Application serial number 131,866 filed 1961-08-06. "Mat Holder Composing Stick." Note that this patent specified paper stereotype mats. By the time the Catalog and Sales Packet (above) was issued in 1962 the mats were made of metal but were described as "stereotype style."

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