Individual Ludlow Specimen Sheets

And Advance Showings

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(This Notebook deals with Ludlow Typograph Company specimens issued individually (as single pages or short single-typeface brochures/booklets) and advance showings. For publications issued as specimen books or booklets, see ../ Ludlow Specimen Books and Booklets. For publications which were primarily instructional in nature, see ../ Ludlow Typographical Instruction & Examples.)

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Garamond (1930)

Garamond: A Note on the Transmission of the Design of the Roman Typeface Cut by Claude Garamond in the Sixteenth Century, With a Discussion Regarding the Ultimate Disposition of the Punches cut by the Celebrated French Typefounder . (Chicago, IL: Ludlow Typograph Company, 1930.) With showings of Ludlow 24-L (Garamond) and 24-LI (Garamond Italic). Also reprints in facsimile the Conrad Berner (Frankfurt am Main) specimen broadside of 1592 of the types of Garamond and Granjon.

The scan here clips the edges of the original (no text is lost, but the page proportions are destroyed) and in general no digital version can approach the lovely production of this original cord-bound chapbook.

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[Various 1941 Advance Showings]

These are scans of several pages and slips of advance showings, generally dated 1941, which were tipped in to a copy of Some Ludlow Typefaces (the red-bound softcover edition of 1939 or 1940). This copy was owned by the former Barco/F&S Type Foundry in Chicago and was borrowed from friends who acquired its last Ludlow.

The series shown are:

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[Wave] A New Script by Ludlow (1962)

[Wave] A New Script by Ludlow (Chicago, IL: Ludlow Typograph Company, n.d.) McGrew dates Ludlow series 53-BIC, Wave, to 1962. Shown here in 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, & 70 pt.

This digitization was scanned in two sections (per page) and stitched together. The image at left links to a PDF version composed of 600dpi JPEG versions of this composite.

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